Bridges & Removable Partials

What are Bridges and Removable Partials?

Bridges and removable partials are a form of treatment for people who have multiple missing teeth. The treatment is an application that is placed, either permanently or can be removable, depending on the patient and their preferences. 

How Are Bridges and Removal Partials Different?


Bridges are a cemented and low maintenance option for replacing multiple missing teeth. These are also sometimes referred to as permanent cemented bridges.  A classic alternative to replace missing teeth without the need for surgery (like Implants).  Very attractive and function a lot like natural teeth.  A little different to take care of by using different floss aides.  

Removable Partials

Removable partials are, as the name suggests, a removable application that is often the most cost-effective way to replace missing teeth. The benefit of removable partials is that we can easily add more synthetic teeth to the partial if the patient loses any more teeth. 

Alternative to Bridges and Removable Partials

Though bridges and removable partials seem like the best choice due to their affordable nature, we often recommend dental implants for patients who have lost teeth. Dental implants act as actual teeth and can function just like your natural teeth once had. 

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Bridges and Removable Partials

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