What Sets Us Apart

At Coshocton Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide our patients with every treatment and procedure they could need in regards to their oral and dental health. Often, it is hard to find a dentist office that can provide this comprehensive care, especially in rural areas such as Coshocton. We wanted to provide the convivence of going to a single office for almost any treatment under the sun when it comes to dental care.

Coshocton Dentistry has Two Doctors

In most dental offices, there is only one dentist, but at Coshocton, we have two, so we are better able to provide expert advice, treatment, and services to our patients.

Patient Comfort is Our Goal

We want every single one of our patients to leave our office feeling happy and healthy. That is why we take every measure to ensure your visit is comfortable. There are many new product advancements that make this goal more attainable than ever. 

One example of how we keep our patients comfortable is with OraVerse, a new product that can reverse the numbing/ groggy effects form the procedure and allow the patient to be back to normal in just one hour. 

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We Have the Latest Technologies

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Other than having the best medicines and treatment options, we also have the most up-to-date technologies to make your dental visits a breeze. 

  • Cerec Machine:
    • Cerec machine is a CAD-CAM machine that allows us to make dental restorations crowns right there in the office while the patient is in the chair.
  • 3-D Imaging Machine:
    • Our 3-D imaging technologies allow us to make x-rays an easy and painless process. Now we can scan your mouth without having to place that huge plate in your mouth that makes most patients gag. Not only is this more comfortable, but it is also a much more accurate representation than older technologies. 

The Coshocton Dental Savings Plan

Our dental savings plan makes dental care more affordable than ever. Even if you have dental insurance, our plan can save you over $250 a year. This includes cleanings, x-rays, etc., and up to 20% of other dental treatments. 

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To learn more about our dental savings plan or any of the other benefits that set us apart from other dentists, contact us today.

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