Digital X-Rays

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At Coshocton, using the best technologies is just as important as learning the most current and effective dental treatments. We are dedicated to providing expert dental care to our patients and having the best technologies is a big part of that commitment. 

How are Dental X-Rays at Coshocton Different?

Our x-rays are digital, meaning we can get a clearer view of your mouth and teeth. With our digital x-rays, we can simply scan your head and view the x-rays on our screen.

Traditional x-rays are a flat, two-dimensional picture which can only show you so much. Whereas, our digital x-ray machine gives us a 3-D view of your teeth, allowing us to see and diagnose things that we could not with a traditional x-ray. This also allows us to make a better, more accurate diagnosis and recommend the best treatments. 

digital xray

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