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Have you ever thought it was too late to fix your smile?  IT'S NOT TOO LATE

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you and it has a really big effect on how you feel about yourself. If you are unhappy with your smile it can cause you to be self-conscious about smiling for pictures, talking with strangers, and so much more. 

But have no fear, that is what cosmetic dentistry is for. Over the last several years, cosmetic dentistry has become exceedingly popular due to the growth and advancements of so many dental technologies. It used to be that cosmetic procedures would cost an arm and a leg because dentists did not have the means to facilitate them and they were not detrimental to the health of the patient. 

Now we are able to provide cosmetic treatments on a daily basis to help our patients have the smile they have always dreamed about without spending a fortune.

Are You Ready to Get the Smile Makeover You’ve Always Wanted?

There are many types of cosmetic dental services and your treatment may vary depending on what goal you want to achieve with your new smile and how your current oral anatomy is fairing. 

If you have ever done any or all of the following, you should inquire about cosmetic dentistry:

  • Hesitate when you smile.
  • Feel self-conscious about smiling in photos, or in social or professional situations.
  • Constantly obsess over little imperfections in your teeth or general smile. 

FAQ’s About Cosmetic Dentistry

What are Common Cosmetic Dental Treatments?

  • Teeth whitening
  • Contouring/tooth reshaping
  • Bonding
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Orthodontics/Clear Aligners

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How Long Will Each Cosmetic Dental Treatment Take?

Each treatment and procedure will vary depending on your current smile and the outcome you are looking for. Likewise, your treatment time will vary depending on which treatment you choose. There are many ways to achieve the same goal in cosmetic dentistry, so it all depends on your preferences and your budget. 

Does My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dental Care?

Insurance coverage will vary just as each treatment has different prices and treatment durations, insurance may cover some, all, or none of the expenses of your cosmetic dental care. However, if you are curious as to whether your insurance will cover you, our knowledgeable dental consulting staff is here to help you by answering all of your questions. In addition, we also offer a Dental Savings Plan which is oftentimes better than dental insurance and covers a percentage of general and cosmetic dental procedures. Again, you may consult with our staff about which option is best for you.

Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Patients who experience the most benefit from having their teeth whitened:

  • Are in good dental health
  • Maintain good dental health (i.e. brush three times a day, floss, receive regular dental checkups every six months, etc.)
  • May suffer from slightly discolored or yellow teeth
  • Wish to improve the look of their smile for aesthetic purposes
  • Are in good physical health

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects When I Have My Teeth Whitened?

Having your teeth whitened is a safe and effective way to have the clean smile you want. There are typically no negative side effects when it comes to teeth whitening, however, minor side effects may consist of: 

  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • White spots on the surface of the teeth (a potential side effect of at-home whitening systems)
  • Nighttime whitening trays may cause additional gum sensitivity or irritation.

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