The number one goal of orthodontics is to achieve a good functional bite.  The by-product is a great-looking smile. Whether your smile is crowded, gapped, or you have an overbite or another cosmetic issue, we can help you get the smile and confidence you have always wanted!

It is not often that you can receive orthodontic care at your general practice dental office, but we make convenience and comfort a priority! 

How Orthodontic Treatments Work

There are multiple types of orthodontic treatments that differ in material, duration, and effectiveness per patient. We would like to educate you on your specific options and goals.  We offer traditional metal wire braces, ceramic orthodontics, or clear acrylic aligners.

How Long Do I Need My Braces?

The treatment duration is determined on a case to case basis. This is dependent upon the patient’s current tooth anatomy, age, and the type of treatment method chosen.

What Type of Issue Can Braces Solve?

•    Excessive spacing in between teeth
•    Tooth crowding
•    An overbite
•    An open bite
•    An underbite
•    Crooked teeth
•    And more

Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment method. These types of braces move your teeth into place with the help of surgical grade stainless steel brackets and wires which are bonded together. The braces apply constant and gentle pressure to move your teeth. 

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Ceramic braces are an alternative to metal braces, which are more convenient for patients as they are less visible. Though these braces are a popular choice due to their lack of visibility, they do require more attention as ceramic braces are slightly larger and less durable than metal.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners are a revolutionary new technology in the orthodontic world. They are virtually invisible, and better yet, they are removable! Learn more about Clear Aligners from Coshocton Dentistry. 

Post Orthodontic Care

After your orthodontic treatment is over, you’ll finally have the smile you have always dreamed of and the confidence that come with it! However, in order to keep your smile nice and straight, we recommend a retainer that usually only has to be worn at night.

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