Clear Aligners vs. Braces

If you are someone who has always wanted to adjust your smile but never wanted to commit to the traditional wire braces, then clear aligners might be the solution! 

With clear aligners, also known as Invisalign, you can achieve the same results as traditional braces without dealing with the wires!

At Coshocton Dentistry, we offer both clear aligners and wire braces!

Clear Aligner Case Study

In this video, we have a patient who wanted to treat her crowded teeth but didn't want to have wire braces because of her job. After a consultation, we were able to set forth a plan for her to straighten her teeth with clear aligners.

The entire process took 18 months, with multiple sets of trays that slowly but effectively shifted her teeth into the desired position.

Advantages of Clear Aligners:

  • Clear Aligners are less likely to irritate your teeth and gums.
  • Clear Aligners prevent tooth grinding.
  • Clear Aligners are virtually transparent.
  • Clear Aligners take less treatment time.

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners offer you the same great results as traditional orthodontics without showing off the hard work. No one will be able to tell you have clear aligners!

The best part about offering cosmetic dental services like this is that we get to help people feel the best about themselves. So many people are embarrassed about their smiles, so it is really rewarding to be able to give them the smile they've always wanted.

Learn More About Clear Aligners 

If you are interested in transforming your smile, contact us today to learn more!

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