Geriatric Dentistry in Coshocton, Ohio

Our goal is to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime, but as we age, it gets more difficult for patients to keep all of their teeth. That is why we created the 80/20 to celebrate this huge achievement. 

What is the 80/20 Club?

The 80/20 Club is a fun way to measure your success! Anyone who is 80 years or older and has 20 or more of their teeth is in the 80/20 Club, and during pre-COVID times, we would have an annual celebration to show off this success. 

We have been hosting this party, apart from last year, for 15 years! It makes us happy to know that we are helping people keep happy, healthy smiles.

Geriatric Dentistry Challenges 

There are many factors that influence our ability to keep our teeth as we get older. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental appointments are essential for anyone but especially for our older patients. Catching any issues while they are small is the most important. 

Wear and tear, medications, and diseases can make it harder to take care of our teeth as we age, so staying on top of your cleanings and checkups is essential. 

Learn More About Geriatric Dentistry

If you are interested in learning more about the 80/20 Club, or to schedule your next appointment, contact us today!

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