Head and Neck Exams at the Dentist

Our job as dentists is to help keep our patient's mouths and teeth healthy. That includes routine cleanings and other treatments when necessary. However, one thing we also do to ensure your health is oral cancer screenings. We have a few exams that we perform to check for early signs of oral cancer so we can stop it before it progresses. 

What is a Head and Neck Exam?

A head and neck exam is used to help us identify any abnormalities in your head, neck, and jaw to evaluate your risk of oral cancer. We also look for these signs inside of your mouth. 

When we perform these screenings, we are looking for color changes, lumps, and legions that are cause for concern. 

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings So Important?

Oral cancer kills one American every hour, which is statistically more than melanoma. 2/3 of oral cancer cases are detected in later stages with only a 22% survival rate. By performing these screenings on each patient during their appointments, we can help detect issues in earlier stages when the survival rate is much higher!

Learn More About Oral Cancer Screenings 

If you are interested in learning more about how we perform our head and neck oral cancer exams, please reach out today. Call today to schedule your next appointment!

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