Is it Bad to Have an Overbite?

Where does your jaw typically rest? The normal bite would be with your top front teeth hanging slightly over your bottom from teeth. Some people’s bite is too far forward and others are too far back. 

What is a Deep Bite?

A lot of folks just genetically have a deep bite, and this is not as ideal as a typical bite. One of the things that we see a lot of in our practice are people with a bite that's fully overlapped. This is also called an overbite.

Is it Painful to have an Overbite?

Having a deep bite or an overbite can cause a lot of issues with your teeth. Your function is compromised leading to problems chewing and other issues such as:

  • Increased wear
  • Cracking
  • Pain
  • TMJ symptoms 

How to Fix an Overbite?

There are a few ways to treat an overbite. This is traditionally done with orthodontics or splint therapy, which is a mouthguard. The treatment will depend on how deep your bite is. 

Learn More About Overbites 

If you have an overbite and have questions about how to treat it and your symptoms, contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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