Quick One-Day Crowns from Coshocton Dentistry

Quick One-Day Crowns from Coshocton Dentistry | Dental Care

At Coshocton Dentistry, we like to keep up with the latest and greatest dental technologies so that our patients can receive world-class dental care. One of the newest technologies we have is the CEREC machine, which allows us to create a perfect crown in just two hours. 

CEREC Crowns

Before the CEREC machine, crowns had to be created through a slightly uncomfortable process, which could take up to three weeks. First, we would have to take a mold of your mouth so we could see how the broken or cracked tooth was shaped. Everyone hates that gagging sensation when the mold is in your mouth! 

Now, thanks to the new technology, we can easily digitally scan your mouth with a tiny camera, which then creates a digital model of your mouth. We can make any necessary adjustments, make sure that it fits properly, and then we'll send it across the hall to a milling machine. And it will exactly duplicate what we've just designed out of a block of unbaked porcelain.

The crown is created in about six minutes. Once it is done, we place it into your mouth to make sure it fits perfectly. Then we send it down the hall to bake at 1,200 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

When the crown comes out of the oven, it is the proper color and is ready to be placed. We use a special cement to insert the crown over your tooth. And just like that, in less than two hours, you have a new tooth. 


Other Benefits of CEREC

  • Stronger crowns
  • Fillings
  • Easier to match natural teeth
  • Comfort


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If you are in need of a crown and you don't want to wait three weeks for it, contact us today at Coshocton Dentistry for a two-hour crown. You can also learn more about the other services and treatments we provide, as well as patient education in our Video Library.

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