Restore Your Smile with Complete Dentures

As your dentist, our goal is to help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, this is not always possible. We always stress the importance of regular dental care, but sometimes infection and decay will result in the need for replacements. There are many ways to recreate your smile, and dentures are just one of the ways to give you the confidence of a full, healthy-looking smile!

Do I Need Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are a solution to replace your entire set of teeth, upper, lower, or both. While complete dentures are not the only solution to recreating your smile, they do offer a quick, more affordable, and natural-looking smile with full functionality. 

Partial dentures are another solution to replace some teeth but not all. Learn more about partials here!

What are Immediate Dentures?

An instant full smile is achievable with immediate dentures. This is the choice for you if you want to restore your smile quickly. These are also the most popular form of dentures. 

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are implant-supported dentures for your lower teeth that offer a great smile and the best functionality. Bottom dentures often have a hard time staying in your mouth, making it hard to chew or even talk. With these implanted dentures, you gain stability without ever having to worry about your teeth slipping out. 

Learn More About Dentures 

If you are interested in learning more about dentures at Coshocton Dentistry, contact us today to see which solution is right for you!

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