The Unseen Impact of Smoking on Your Oral Health -

While we at Coshocton Dentistry are heartened to see a decline in smoking rates, it's crucial to educate those who do smoke about the significant impact it has on their oral health. Our mission is to help our patients maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime, and smoking can pose a considerable challenge to this aim.

Smoking affects dental health in several ways:

  • Yellowing and staining of the teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Increased risk of gum infection, specifically periodontitis, which can lead to bone and tooth loss
  • Higher susceptibility to oral cancer and oral conditions

If you are a smoker and have concerns about your oral health, we strongly recommend a dental evaluation. Furthermore, discuss smoking cessation options with your physician or dentist. It's never too late to quit, and your oral health will significantly improve once you do.

Ensuring good oral health is especially crucial for smokers. Regular check-ups can catch early signs of periodontitis, staining, and oral cancer, leading to better outcomes.

Visit Coshocton Dentistry for more information on oral health and to explore our comprehensive dental services. Let our team, including Dr. Laaper, help you achieve and maintain the radiant smile you deserve. 

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