Are Clear Aligners Worth It?

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are the newest technology when it comes to orthodontics. Now, we are able to straighten your smile, fix overcrowded teeth, or tighten spaced out teeth, to leave you with the smile you have always wanted!

In this video, we have Christi, who has gone through the Clear Aligner process and wants to share her experience with patients who might be considering choosing Clear Aligners.

Why Did You Choose Clear Aligners?

Christi didn't have any major problems with her teeth, but they were spaced out, leaving gaps in her teeth. Though these spaces didn't affect the function of her teeth, she felt self-conscious about her smile. 

What was the Clear Aligner Process Like?

The Clear Aligner process took about a year to fully transform her smile, though it can be shorter or longer depending on the patient. 

It started out with some x-rays and impressions of her mouth, and within a few weeks, she had her first set of trays. With Clear Aligners, as your teeth begin to move into the desired position, you get new sets of trays to keep the process moving along. 

What Kind of Impact Did Clear Aligner Therapy Have on You?

After the Clear Aligner therapy was finished, Christi said they greatly improved her smile, and she now feels more confident!

Learn More About Clear Aligner Therapy

If you are looking for a way to straighten your smile, fix gaps, or overcrowded teeth, Clear Aligners are a great alternative to braces. If you want to learn more about the Clear Aligner process, please contact us at Coshocton Dentistry today!

You can also learn more about our other dental services and treatments by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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