Making Trips to the Dentist More Comfortable with Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry at Coshocton DentistryConscious sedation is just one of the ways we can help our patients feel more comfortable at the dentist. Conscious sedation is especially helpful when patients have to have surgery or undergo a procedure that might make them stressed out or anxious.

Why Coshocton Uses Conscious Sedation

IV conscious sedation is the most accurate method for achieving safe and effective sedation. We use conscious sedation for patients who are going to have procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth extraction, and other dental surgeries we do in our practice.

Other Types of Sedation

The difference between general anesthetic and conscious sedation is that you are awake during conscious sedation, but you won't remember the surgery or feel anything while it is happening.

Another type of sedation some may use is the administration of an oral drug to numb the pain and make the process easier. However, oral drugs are unpredictable, and most clinicians end up not giving you enough to fully ease the pain.

The value of I.V. sedation it that it is more predictable. We can titrate the exact amount of the drug to the level of sedation that you really need.

With conscious sedation, we are also able to continuously monitor your vitals such as your pulse oximetry, capnography, EKG levels, blood pressure, and so on, to make sure that everything is safe and comfortable for the patient.

We Are Experienced with Conscious Sedation 

We have a great Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) on staff who has over 35 years of experience administering IV sedatives.

If you need to have to get any dental surgery or procedure, ask your dentist about conscious sedation. At Coshocton Dentistry, we are here to answer any of the questions you may have about your upcoming procedure or to help you schedule your next visit. Contact us today!

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